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1. What is babywearing?

Babywearing means carrying your baby - or child - close to your body using a soft baby carrier.

2. Why carrying your baby?

All babies are born "pre-mature": they are unable to move or feed alone. Babywearing allows a baby to complete his "gestation outside of the womb" period needed for the proper development and health of the infant.

2.1. The benefits of using a baby wrap for your baby

2.1.1. Motor development and emotional development :

A baby being carried in a soft baby carrier is able to experience warmth, motion, security, and sounds similar to what he heard while in the womb. Parents are more aware of their baby's needs, and can attend to them immediately.

2.1.2. Cognitive development :

Wrapped against parents puts babies right where the action is. Babies can see what we - adults - see, and are constantly learning. All these interactions stimulate babies understanding of our world. Babies are learning a lot about language from all of these conversations, a lot about society and behavior and human interactions from watching us everyday.

2.2. The benefits of using a baby wrap for the parents

- Less stress and more time because your hands are free for daily chores and others children.

- Nursing your baby is easier : you can nurse your baby in some tie and your have discrete nursing in the baby wrap.

- A baby wrap is easier than a stroller when you have stairs, shopping and take public transportation, etc...

-Carrying your baby brings your lots of happiness & cuddling time.