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Discover our new collection SoL ! Do you know the MAXI-TAI ? It's our big meitai for toddlers up to 20 kg.

the concept of cheap baby wrap We want to promote babywearing by proposing organic cotton baby wraps to carry your baby at more affordable price...
where to try a good and confy baby wrap? Wanna try a baby wrap ? Try a baby sling ? You can come and try babywraps and babyslings with these qualified and certified babywearing instructors listed here...
contact us for info on cheap wrap for baby Want more info about our organic cotton baby carriers, wrap and tie or others questions?

why organic cotton baby wrap? Why organic cotton baby wraps and baby slings?..
fair trade baby carrier We want suppliers who use fair employment practices and have sustainable development commitments ...
safety and conformity for our baby carriers We want to promote babywearing...
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